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Florida Archaeology and Heritage Marketing Specialists

Butler Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing clients with ethical, efficient, and effective Archaeological Consulting Services. We are proud to offer our Cultural Resource Management (CRM) services exclusively in the Central Florida region. Additionally, Butler Solutions, LLC provides Heritage Marketing services for organizations striving to promote heritage and cultural resources locally and abroad.


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In March 2013, Dr. Butler presented as a Guest Speaker for the Kissimmee Valley Archaeological and Historical Conservancy in Avon Park, Florida.

In February 2013 Dr. Butler presented as a Guest Speaker for the Warm Mineral Springs/Little Salt Springs Archaeological Society in North Port, Florida.

In 2012, David Butler PhD, RPA presented at the 64th Annual Florida Anthropological Society Meeting in Tallahassee. This talk provided an overview of the bone tool assemblage recovered from the Phase II research at the Blueberry site. This analysis has led to the identification of 7 bone tool types and two previously unrecognized bone tool preforms.

In 2011, Dr Butler presented at the 63rd Annual Florida Anthropological Society Meeting on Saturday May 6th in Orlando.  This paper was titled “Lithic Functional Analysis at the Blueberry Site (8HG678)”.  This talk covered the groundbreaking Lithic research being conducted at the Blueberry site in south Highlands County, Florida.  This report provided results and presented a framework for the interpretation of lithic assemblages at interior Belle Glade sites from south-central Florida.  This analysis advocates a holistic approach to the interpretation of lithics in this context that takes account of environmental constraints and opportunities as well as observed behavioral patterns and implications.  Lithic functional analysis, the density of lithic assemblages, and associated cultural use of lithics are prioritized as significant factors in this analysis.  Likewise, an existing interpretive model for lithic assemblages was utilized as a framework for analysis and comparative classification. 

Phase II Excavation at the Blueberry Site is ongoing. Dr. Butler serves as Principle Investigator for this part-time resarch initiative which serves as the primary volunteer opportunity for members of the Kissimmee Valley Archaeological and Historical Conservancy http://kvarchaeology.com.

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